Diploma and Advanced Diploma Programmes

These are organized for people wishing to add value to their lives, work, careers and their society. Such people include:
(a)     People who are promoted or who moved to supervisory or management positions from technical or professional backgrounds without formal management leadership training
(b)   Those who have management backgrounds but wish to imbibe the principles of effective supervision and leadership for them to excel on the job.
(c)     Consultants, Coaches, Investors, HR Professionals, as a preparation for promotional or career-change interviews, as a bridge-builder for professional who need to liaise with managers, as a refresher and confidence-builder for established managers coping change.
(d)     Those seeking relevant learning experiences before applying for further business or management courses.
(e)     Those considering launching a business as a limited liability company and becoming Directors for the first time and those new to business  management as a preparation for more complex or academic business courses.
(f)      Those organising or preparing people for management training programmes, on the job training or employee development programmes.
(g)     For clerics and other ministers of God, for capacity building and for assurance of successes in the tasks of shepherding the flocks and proper management of the household of God.

(a)     Completion of the Advanced Diploma Programme gives you exemptions from Level 1 of the Institute’s Professional   Examinations.
(b)     BSC/HND Holders of Technical Background, shall, on completion of the Advanced Diploma Programme, be exempted from Levels 1 and 2 of the Institute’s Professional Examination
(c)      Completion of the Diploma Programme gives you exemption from the Foundation Level of the Institute’s professional examination.
(d)     Access to equivalent certificate from Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership, USA

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