Qualifications For Registration

i) To qualify for registration as a student, an applicant must be an ND holder of any discipline or be undergoing a course of study in an approved tertiary institution in the country.        Matured students shall be admitted at the discretion of the Council.

ii) A Graduate Member is a fresh graduate from any recognized institution of higher learning or an NYSC Member who has passed the Institute’s Graduate Certification/Diploma      Examination

iii) To become an Associate, one must have passed all the necessary examinations and must have acquired between five and eight years of working experience, after which he/she is qualified to use the designation “AISL” after his/ her name.

iv) To be a Member, one must have become an Associate for a period of at least eight years or must have worked in a corporate organization for a period of at least fifteen years.

v) To qualify as a Fellow, one must have been in top supervisory and leadership position in private or public organizations for a period of not less than twenty years and must show evidence of professional leadership within the period.

vi) Recognised qualifications for membership

Shall among others include: HND/BSc, B.A, B(Tech), M.Sc, MBA, from any recognized higher institution of learning or possession of any of the following professional qualifications: ICAN, ACCA, CIB, CPA, CIMA, CIS, CIIN, CITN, MBBS, NSE, CIPM, NITP, NIQS, IOD, NIM and other relevant professional qualifications.

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