NIGERIA is a country that is endowed with very huge natural resources. From very rich forest reserves to huge deposits of mineral resources and intelligent human resources and large population needed for both agricultural, manufacturing and other needs of the country. However, Nigeria experiences and has continued to experience great dearth of leadership.

According to Dr. Madu Magnus Emeka, “despite all those natural and human provident from God, there is a very wide gap between expectations and realizations from the leadership of the country, a situation that has plunged the country into man against man, group against group, section against section, the rich against the poor and the governed against the governor. Considering the tough times the country is passing through, manifesting in high level of insecurity, massive unemployment with high level of poverty, leadership ineffectiveness, programme and policy failures, youth restiveness and civil disobedience at various sections of the country, inability to provide social infrastructures for industrial activities and human comfort, injudicious utilization of national resources, and institutional failures , we need leaders who possess the following qualities:

  1. Somebody that is commendable and exemplary. Somebody that is trustworthy so that people can follow him.
  2. Somebody that should live his life with honesty and integrity, somebody that should live a life such that nobody can question his character.
  3. Somebody that is always enthusiastic about the cause of the people.
  4. Somebody that has the capability to see what is good or bad for the people in the long run.
  5. Somebody that approaches problem in a holistic manner and never believes himself different from his people and subject
  6. Somebody that believes in discipline. Somebody that follows an orderly manner and routine but still he is tolerant.
  7. Somebody that takes decision keeping emotions and personal matters aside.
  8. Somebody that has excellent logical and analytical skills.
  9. Somebody that looks each and every aspects of the situation before arriving at any decision and never loses his temper in difficult situations.
  10. Somebody who thinks positively in each and every situation
  11. Somebody that is always focussed towards his goals, what he has envisioned for and promised to his people. He should take each and every decision keeping in mind the people and his subject.
  12. We need the Awolowo type of visionary leadership, the astuteness of Odumegwu Ojukwu and the reformational leadership of Aminu Kano.

According to Folake Temenu Olanrewaju, “what we need are leaders like Awolowo, who can tap into our collective energy, our integrity, and our hard work. A leader who will bring back our confidence and optimism. One that will renew our faith in Nigeria, one who will let us know that hard work will not kill us. Then, we can shed our image as a nation of scammers; our 419 days will be behind us. We need a leader who will generate an optimism that was aborted by the civil war and the mutual distrust that was born and nurtured by our military interlopers”.

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